Rosebud: A Poem

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Rosebud: A Poem
Animals often find meaning in small remarkable things that humans overlook…So watching Cookie the Cat on her household adventures might teach us a thing or two.

It never stood a chance at blooming,

dead before them all.

I thought all death ends in sadness,

evidently it doesn’t.


The short distance to the wooden floor,

at least there was no pain.

it was probably holding on for dear life but could not hold on anymore.


She sat there waiting for it to fall,

waiting for it to finally give up,

finally give in,

finally die.


As soon as it fumbled to the solid slab, 

she rushed to it.

without any hesitation.

a new toy? not for long


She played with it as if she were a child, playing with her food. 

going side to side, up and down, 

all over the place. 


The catapult released it, 

release, release, release.

from one place to another,

destroyed and battered.


Who would have thought that the death of a rosebud could uplift a soul

however nothing lasts

definitely not affection for a rosebud,

all things come to an end on this earth but somewhere beyond waits eternal joy.