Lockdown Fun: Up the Garden Path Quiz

Up the Garden Path Quiz (Tulip pic from Needpix)
Lockdown Fun: Up the Garden Path Quiz
Test your knowledge of some of our loveliest flowers in the ‘Up the Garden Path’ Quiz.

Match the flower to the clue below 


  1. Laural
  2. Wallflower 
  3. Tulips 
  4. Broom 
  5. Thyme 
  6. Daisy 
  7. Foxglove 
  8. Viola 
  9. Rose 
  10. Iris 
  11. Phlox
  12. Veronica 
  13. Hop 
  14. Pink 
  15. Lupin 
  16. Narcissi 
  17. Thrift 
  18. Arum 
  19. Snapdragon 
  20. Cornflower 
  21. Mint


Will go in tandem after the wedding 

One in the eye for her 

Stringed instrument

A West Indian Drink 

Hardy companion

Fancied his own image

For kissing

Nobody asked her to dance

Reynard’s hand-warmer

Groups of sheep


Witch’s transport

One of the thrills of flying

Should be cut with special shears

On the last 3 penny bit

Makes an east dessert


Waits for no-one

Photograph of the mystical beast

_____ and Alan Ladd

One legged dance