COVID-19: A Poem

COVID-19: A Poem
Corona, the patron saint of protecting people from disease and pestilence, has had her role inverted by our current health crisis, but she would be the first to say that we can survive it, and be better for it.


Some say I am the Goddess of Destruction and Infection

Some instead call me a Saint

I record 381 UK deaths on the 31st March

That's, 1,789 till today. 


Watch me reek havoc and fear

For I am the Goddess of Destruction and Infection.


I can roam unchecked all around this world

I encourage prejudice and ignorance

There is not a continent I cannot gain entry to

As the Goddess of Pandemic and Destruction. 


I am free to roam wild with abandon

To South Korea, India and Italy

I infected the future King of England, Charles

And the government of Boris Johnson.


Chinese in origin but a global ambassador

To prevent my flow you are told 

Wash your hands and keep your distance

But disease and death are my insistence.


I cause 

Panic hoarding

Fights and blows

Insults and petty crime

And declarations of NHS love

All of these are mine.


I spread my wings in the Caribbean

On cruise ships and golden beaches

Lock-downs and curfews are the result

While the USA gasps for lack of breath.


Dry coughs, heavy chests and fever

Do nothing to stop my ill will

Now everyone is fundraising and clap aloud

for the role of medics and their salvation.


But what is needed are PPE, masks and scrubs

Not applause and wonders of “what next?”

A vaccine is mooted but I am not alarmed 

For I have become the Goddess of Destruction.


For now I only strongly advise

the following words of wisdom:

Keep safe, be good but above all - I urge you to be kind 

I want  the human family to exist

long after my cold demise.