An Open Letter to my Child

Unsplash photo provided by Marsha 10/6
An Open Letter to my Child
Marsha on the death of George Floyd. How can we explain an incident set against a backdrop of hundreds of years of oppression to our children?

As a parent, how do you have this conversation with your children? 

Explain to your 9 year old boy child that those whose duty it is to serve and protect you, can and do choke the life out of you and have been doing so for centuries.  

It’s not as visual, immediate and evil as the murderous public lynching of George Floyd, by an officer of the law in 2020. 

It’s in the history, it’s in public policies, it’s in the education, it’s in the workplace, it’s in health care, it’s in the immigration policies and in the words that comes out of the mouths of children who will call you names and make assumptions, because they see it, absorb it, accept it and repeat it. 

It is systematic, intentional and designed to break you down - to choke the life out of you. 

I can’t have this conversation with you now, we will, but as you play with the neighbour, a fence between you, playing goodies and baddies, after nearly three months of isolation, still social distancing, I want to continue to distance you, us, from society, to keep that fence - because out of our bubble the goodies and baddies aren’t clear. They haven’t been for a long time and I don’t want to start choking the life out of you by having this conversation just now. I am your mother, your protection, your safety. 

Be a child for just a bit longer.