SACCO Events & Initiatives The Mentoring trip to Parliament

SACCO Events & Initiatives The Mentoring trip to Parliament
Margaret Thomas reports on the SACCO mentoring initiative

The young people mentored by Kardar and Randolph were invited to visit the Houses of Parliament to meet with M.P. Tom Brake. We left from Carshalton station on a cold January morning and headed for Westminster.
The whole group, both children and adults were overawed by the imposing beauty of the Parliament buildings. As we entered the House of Commons, we had to pass through strict security with all of us searched.

We then went off to meet Carshalton and Wallington M.P. Tom Brake in a meeting room up many stairs! He explained his role as an M.P. and the work of Parliament, which provided mentees with valuable insight into how democracy works in Britain.

We were then free to wander around. It was the day after the Brexit vote and the day of the no confidence vote, with the Prime Minister and opposition debating this. We were allowed into the viewing gallery in small groups. Both adults and children felt privileged to be able to watch the debate live, and it gave extra importance to their day.

In all, this was a very successful day and one we hope to repeat with other groups in the near future.