Inspiring People: Meet Author Edozie Ameke

Inspiring People: Meet Author Edozie Ameke
Author Edozie Ameke on life, writing and his forthcoming book, From London to Enugu, a fascinating and disturbing memoir of his kidnapping at the age of 18 in Nigeria.

What inspired you to write this book? 
I first thought about writing it after a conversation about 2 years ago when I was talking to a friend about some of my experiences when I was younger. I had never intended to write about my experience in Nigeria because it was so long ago. It’s the story of when I was 18 years old, tricked into going to Nigeria, kidnapped and forced to stay there for 16 months against my will.

How did you feel after you returned to London?
I was very happy to get back to London! I had a girlfriend at that time whom I missed dearly. I wasn’t bitter about the experience. I looked upon it as character building and it made me grateful for small things and to count my blessings. When I lived in Nigeria, running water and electricity were luxuries that most people didn’t have.

How long has the book taken to write?
It’s taken me about 2 years from the time I decided to write it, and for it to be ready for publication, including book cover design, type-setting and layout.

What is your writing process?
I plan everything out before I write even one sentence. The chapters and detailed content are all worked out in advance, so I know the beginning, middle and end in advance too. The planning stage has taken about 18 months, but the actual writing of each chapter has taken about 3 months.

Where will it be available?
It will be available on Amazon as an e-book, and available in Waterstones bookshops. I may also do a book signing when the book is launched in April this year.

When will it be available?
The book will be out in early to mid-April 2019.

So what’s next for you in terms of writing?  
A Pocket Guide to Mentoring featuring case studies of some of my award-winning mentoring work. I’m also working on The Enugu House, a kind of sequel to From London To Enugu but set about 30 years later. It’s the story of when I had to go back to Nigeria to investigate the case of armed robbers breaking into my mothers’ house in Nigeria. In Thunderclap Revival, a successful rapper goes in search of a faded 1980s soul music group after he has an international hit from sampling their music.