Celebrating Local Talent

Trish Painting
Celebrating Local Talent
We couldn't resist her beautiful portrait of a cheetah...Trish Cox discusses her passion for art.

When I was young, a very, very long time ago, I won prizes for art and English at school.  I did enjoy drawing and painting, but I did no more at that time for quite a while.

Then, in my early thirties, a friend got me into oil painting for something to do whilst I was going through a divorce.  It was so enjoyable; I'd never tried oil painting before, but I loved it.

When I retired in 2009, I joined the U3A and another art group in Purley and really got into drawing and watercolour. My favourite to draw is architecture, the older the better, and ruins are great!  But I do try my hand at portraits, animals and flowers too.  

The other thing to mention is that my work is small, almost miniature. Not exact miniature which is precise in size - 2 inches square I believe and to scale.  An artist once asked me why I always painted such small pictures. Because I want to was my reply! 

And you'll never guess, I've even sold some of my work and the cards I've had made too! 

The other important thing for me is the social side of the groups. Being on my own again I appreciate the company and chats and conversations going on within the groups. We do some work too and enjoy tea, coffee and cakes! I'm really very grateful for it.