Young Voices: Life as a Teenager

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Young Voices: Life as a Teenager
Sienna Douglas discusses the difficulties facing teenagers

Life as a teenager is like waking up and not knowing what’s next. Going through mental breakdowns in the shower because you have forgotten to do one of your many pieces of homework, while having a mini concert and get shouted at by your parents.

It’s not easy being a teenager. Going through peer pressure to follow petty trends by liking relatable posts on Instagram, which you actually cannot relate to, or getting matching trainers so that you don’t feel left out, even though you think they look ridiculous.  

Life as a teenager is like living underneath someone else’s perfect shadow, where all the mistakes you do are shown an being compared to your siblings is utterly acceptable because no one actually wants to see you prosper but to fail. And it’s not okay, since stuff like this affect teenagers’ mental health, yet your parents and the teachers don’t seem to care about that except the fact that you’re getting a free education.