2019 - April to June

We’ve been busy these past few months organising our AGM launch, getting involved in our mentoring activities and a school science debate, and having a lot of fun at our fundraising events,which included a dance and a science, hair and beauty day involving environmentally friendly beauty demos. We’ve also been discussing October 2019 Black History Month at our regular charity group meetings, finally settling othe theme of ‘Out of Africa.’ Using this theme we plan to explore links between Africa, the Caribbean and Britain through talks, exhibitions, food, and at our popular finale event at the end of October. We warmly welcome all members of the community, so please keep an eye on the website for further details.

We’ve still got a few months between now and October, so in the meantime we’d love you to read on to explore our selection of fascinating articles contributed by the S.A.C.C.O.intelligentsia to this issue of Kaleidoscope. We’re intrigued by trade relations between Africa and China, thrilled to see the success of Naomi Osaka in tennis, and having been off on travels to the Caribbean, would like to share with you our nostalgic memories of growing up and returning to Jamaica. Always concerned for our more vulnerable members of the community, we’re alarmed at ways in which social media can affect domestic psychological violence, which we also explore in this issue. 

Kardar Challenger, SACCO Chair