Declutter your Life

Declutter your life
Declutter your Life
Veronica on the human propensity for hoarding

At the time of writing it’s the new year and the height of the January sale. I took a good long look at my house and realised that I needed to do some serious de-cluttering. In some respects I am a hoarder with my belongings and sadly find it hard to throw things out. 

I do ask myself, why? Is it my frugal working class background, where having been born in a developing country and experienced poverty I save things because I might need it? I tell myself I can put things on E-bay, but that’s another story! What causes people to hoard? Is it a sense of security or the fear that the memories attached will disappear when we let go some of our possessions? Or as some suggest it’s a sign of mental health issues like OCD. Having watched some individuals on TV who are serious hoarders, I am filled with a sense of wonder and disbelief how could they let things get so bad. I do so believe there is some mental health issues at play for some of those cases. 

The New Year provides us all with fresh impetus in the form of New year resolutions. I have a goal and a sense of direction regarding my lifestyle. For my spirituality to read my Bible more; for my health exercise more and for my home to clear the spare room of unwanted items! Lofty goals indeed. This leads me to consider ‘what are goals?’, ‘are they a wish list?’ And how do the two differ? 

It is recognized that goals have a number of features. First, they are subjective thought about a desire that an individual intends to attain through action -rather than a behaviour. So quite simply What I want to change! Second, they are always oriented towards the goal object. This may then be a behaviour, a state of affairs, an entity, an event, an experience or a particular characteristic. Thirdly, goals have a motivational and emotional element; they matter to the person and are affect laden. Fourth, goals are about the future. They describe what the person wants to happen in the coming days, weeks or years.

Finally, goals are the aspirations that a person sets for themselves. This sets them apart from Wishes, or expectations that an individual might hope will be achieved but mostly through the actions of others. 
So for me the new year presents another opportunity for me to reach my goal of decluttering and rescuing my spare room, de-cluttering my mind of anxiety and also instead of spending money at the sale I make money by selling or giving away items thus increasing my feel good factor.

So what are your resolutions? What do you want to change? Is it time you decluttered your life?