2016 - January to February

Here at SBHG there is both continuity and change and we look forward to inviting you to an exciting programme of activities and events in 2016, which will include workshops covering topics such as the changes in marriage and other health related issues.In this issue we will be focusing on education and the BME community. We know anecdotally that educational attainment contributes to social mobility and economic advancement. Education also influences employment, but the research shows that people with equivalent qualifications to those from BME experience different levels of employment. Education affects income, as well as our health, how long we live, and even how likely we are to vote. The London Borough of Sutton has some of the best schools in the country (especially at secondary level), indeed, this is part of the reason why many families move here to live. So what are the specific issues in educational attainment pertaining to our BME children? From School Governor, Saturday schools nursery to post 16 educational courses, there is lot to cover when we consider the topic of education.

Veronica Fritzon