Sacco Initiatives

We undertake a variety of initiatives and projects in the local area to enhance life skills. We are concerned that the following disadvantages are affecting our community:
  • Health - there are high rates of sickle cell, prostate cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Organ and blood donations are very low 
  • Unemployment - proportionally black people are more likely to be unemployed or in low paid employment
  • Crime - conviction rates and the length of sentence given is seven times higher than a comparable crime committed by a white person
  • Higher poverty rates - government statistics published in 2019 show that black households have some of the lowest incomes in the country

Friendship Fridays: Supporting the Older & Wiser

There is a growing elderly African and Caribbean population in London. With the ‘Windrush Generation’ now in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, there is increased risk of social isolation as partners die and children move away. We love to encourage older people to join us at our local events to help decrease social isolation, and we are always interested to hear about their migration experiences, which we can showcase in Kaleidoscope. We warmly encourage the Older and Wiser to attend our 'Friendship Fridays' sessions, just as soon as it is safe to do so.

Bring on the 'Edutainment!' Family Friendly Activities for 2022 

In early 2020 SACCO launched a range of children's and family 'edutainment' events in Sutton, Merton and beyond. Our events educate, entertain and enrich children and their grown-up parents and carers through fun-filled science, technology, engineering, arts, maths and cultural activities that all celebrate African and Caribbean heritage. Most events are designed for children in the 0-11 age group, but some are suitable for everyone. All community members are welcome. 

For further information, and to be the first to receive offers and early bird tickets for these fantastic family friendly events subscribe to our Families mailing list. 

SACCO Story Time: B.A.M.E. Children's Literature

We are concerned that B.A.M.E. children are underrepresented in children's literature. With this in mind, SACCO's Marsha Fisher has compiled a 'wish list' of books on Amazon that include black children as central characters. For ideas on reading with young learners, visit it at

Loving Nature During Lockdown: The ASAB Funded Butterfly Wellbeing Project

Thanks to ASAB STEAM Education, during lock-down we sent 32 households their very own butterfly gardens. Our participants observed, recorded and studied the transformation of their caterpillars into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.It was an inspiring and educational activity for young and old alike during a difficult time, and an opportunity to engage with science in a unique and magical way.

Just as lock-down is easing and we are able to be move more freely, so too are the SACCO butterflies, who are now fluttering over Sutton, Croydon, Merton and Wandsworth.

We will be running more fun wellbeing and science focused projects in the future - if you would like further information on these projects, please do join our Family Learning Mailing list.

Windrush Boxes

During lockdown we ran a scheme funding and delivering Caribbean-style fresh produce to the doors of men and women vulrunable or shielding, and unable to get out and about to shop during the pandemic.  

Young Creatives: Mayor of London Culture Seeds Project 2019-2020

In partnership with Funding Folk, SACCO has been awarded funding by the Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds project to deliver creative arts workshops in the community to young, talented people aged 14-29. The workshops are aimed at B.A.M.E groups, but anyone in this age bracket can join, and will receive the same warm welcome. Industry professionals will deliver workshops on topics including creative writing, social media influencing and film-making on a monthly basis. Our dates are scheduled for 12 August 2020; September & October dates will be advertised shortly. For further information please contact us -

Breaking Down Barriers, Challenging Perceptions

Through donations and funding we launched our Breaking Barriers - Challenging Perceptions project. This project targeted children ages 5 - 17 yrs for the summer holidays of 2020/2021 and we would like to continue to  encourage children to experience difficult to access activities such as:

  • Rock climbing  
  • Water sports 
  • Horse riding 
  • Tree climbing, archery and much much more .

Physical activity contributes to individual physical and mental well-being and has positive outcomes for society as a whole. We are keen to ensure that 50% of attendees are female.

We are a grassroots organisation, and donations enable us to continue contributing to the community. If you would like to help along a potential dressage star or rock climber, Please donate here 

Our Mentoring Scheme & Local School Events 

SACCO works closely with local schools, and our initiatives have included local science debates and a visit to the Houses of Parliament for Prime Minister’s Question Time, where young people had the chance to discuss politics with a local M.P. We also encourage Young People to develop their literacy skills by contributing articles on their topics of interest to Kaleidoscope.     

In 2018, SACCO piloted a mentoring programme in performance and catering for young people in local boroughs. The performance group studied music from Jazz to present day, and the catering workshops included a visit to Sutton Community Farm to understand the food process from production to table. 

Mentoring matters to us. Between July 2017 and June 2019 in Merton, Croydon and Sutton there were 1,897 recorded knife crimes; of these 611 resulted in injury. In the same period there were 61 possession of firearms with intent offences. We believe that early intervention can help make a difference to young people’s lives.  

We are looking for sponsors and donations to enable more young people to join our future mentoring schemes. If you can help, we’d love to hear from you. 

Fancy a Night Out? Our Annual Events

We think that the best thing about our events is that whether you are 25 or 95, and whatever your social background, you are given the same warm and friendly welcome. We do like a big family-style party here at SACCO, enjoying as we do good food and good music. We run dinner dances as well as our annual Caribbean Independence & Emancipation parties and BHM events. Please see our events listings for further details. 

Previous Events & Trips

•    Visit to Parliament with mentees
•    British Science week debate at Nonsuch High School for Girls’ 
•    Visit to the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool
•    Concert in Downview Prison, Sutton
•    Keynote BHM speeches by Robin Walker, Mr Navigator, Kwaku, and Dr Val Barnard
•    Live BHM performances by Greg Kofi Brown, Skillosophy, & Frank Holder