Raspberry Rum Smash

Raspberry Rum Smash
Raspberry Rum Smash
Serves/Makes: 4
  • 50ml (1¾fl oz) dark rum
  • 2tsp Chambord berry liqueur
  • 30ml (1fl oz) fresh lemon juice
  • 30 ml (1fl oz) fresh raspberry puree
  • 20ml (¾fl oz) ice
  • 1 handful fresh mint leaves for decoration

 For the raspberry syrup 

  • 50g (1lb 10oz) fresh raspberries
  • sugar syrup (see below) 
  • For the sugar syrup, use a ratio of 1:1 – e.g. 500g (1lb 2oz) sugar to 500ml (16fl oz) water.  For a richer, stronger syrup, use a ratio of 2 sugar to 1 water, for a lighter syrup, use 1 sugar to 2 water. 
  • To make the raspberry syrup, simmer the raspberries with sugar syrup for 20 minutes. Leave to cool.  
  • Filter, decant into a clean bottle and store in the refrigerator.  
  • To make the rum smash, shake together all ingredients for 15 seconds.  
  • Double strain, and serve in a glass filled with crushed ice.   Garnish with mint leaves