About the African & Caribbean Recipes Archive & Open Competition

Why a Recipe Archive?

Food and Consumption in African and Caribbean History


Here at S.A.C.C.O we believe that the way food is produced, how we prepare it, and how we eat it are integral to African and Caribbean cultures, and can serve an educative function. Some dishes have hidden histories. Callaloo Stew, for example, has its origins in Africa, was prepared by slaves brought to the Caribbean in the 1700s, and remain a popular dish on islands like Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. 

Similarly, ackee may be Jamaica’s national fruit, yet it is not an indigenous plant, but imported from West Africa in the 1700s, at the height of the transatlantic slave trade. Known as Ishin in the Nigerian language of Yoruba, and as Ankye in Ghanaian Twi, ackee remains a favourite delicacy with  modern Jamaicans, and is also consumed on other Caribbean islands including  Antigua and Grenada, suggesting how the cultures of Africa and the Caribbean are entwined through food and consumption.

How to Get the Most Out of the African & Caribbean Recipes Archive

Whether you are simply interested in exploring Caribbean and African  cuisine, need inspiration for a dinner party, or fancy adding a touch of colour to your barbecue, in our recipe archive you will find a range of dishes that you can prepare at home.

Some recipes may need a bit of TLC over a number of weeks, others are wonderful ‘go to’ last minute dishes that can be quickly prepared, so it is worth taking time to browse through the recipes to see which ones best suit your needs. Our sides will cater to vegetarian friends and family, and we hope to add vegetarian mains to the archive in due course.

Get Involved: Send in a Recipe

Do you love to cook? We are happy to publish in the archive a special recipe you have created. Please contact us for further details. 


OPEN COMPETITION                                               


Pick any dish or drink from the recipe section. Send us in a picture or film of what you’ve made and the best meal will win! 

Terms and conditions apply. We believe in fair play. If a photograph is found to be fraudulent you will automatically be disqualified from the competition. The judges’ decision is final. Pictures may be used in future SACCO advertising. The winner will be announced when a minimum of 5 suitable entries have been recieved.