2020 - July to September

Welcome to the July to September issue of Kaleidoscope. Earlier this year, we were awarded a grant to print copies of our magazine to keep everyone entertained and informed during the pandemic and below, you will find a choice selection of the articles printed in our magazines between August and September. SACCO's George Brown created the beautiful image of the pink rose we use to illustrate this quarterly issue, and it also featured as one of our loveliest magazine covers in September.

Many of the articles you will find below proved a hit with readers...So much so in the case of Charmaine's lockdown piece that it has since been reprinted in another local magazine. Zain and Mercedes both report on their experiences of the BLM movement, and the profound impact these past few months have had on their lives, while Marsha acts as our local guide to the best places to visit in lockdown. Graham's articles on the history of Zambia and Zimbabwe proved to be an epic journey back in time, and you can read the second part of his popular series in the Oct/Nov 2020 issue. Finally, but certainly not least, Lisa's article on superfoods is a must for anyone interested in health, wellbeing and livening up their dishes! 

The Editors

Cover photograph by SACCO Photography Lead George Brown