2020 - April to June

Over the past three months we have lived through very challenging times. We have seen a global pandemic take hold, killing thousands in the U.K., with the B.A.M.E. community and over 60's disproportionately affected. We have witnessed widespread protests following the traumatic and unlawful killing of George Floyd.

In this issue of Kaleidoscope, Pam reflects on the reasons why our B.A.M.E community has been so badly hit by COVID-19, while Shanique explores the deaths of black men in UK custody, offering us a note of hope that George Floyd's death can - and should - lead to lasting social change. Articles exploring film, music and literary history, South Africa, South London and growing up in Stevenage all highlight the socio-personal experiences of members of our community in both past and present times, at a time when it is crucial to make our voices heard.