2019 - January to March

As we celebrate our ten-year anniversary in 2019, we can look back on this decade as having been valuable for everyone. Arranging annual cultural and celebratory events, fundraising for SACCO and other local charities, and producing high quality articles for Kaleidoscopecertainly took an enormous amount of effort, commitment and resilience on the part of members, writers, chairs and sponsors, but given the community engagement, the awareness raising, and the fun we had along the way, it was worth it.

As we head into a new phase of our history with registered charity status,our work, past, present and future, is very much on our minds. We’d like to continue successful initiatives such as our rewarding mentoring scheme, as well as introduce new ones such as employability and skills support for all age groups, and offer regular community-based workshops on diverse topics like financial support, hair and beauty, and on African and Caribbean culture. Here at SACCO, we love food, dancing, and sharing African and Caribbean cultures with the wider community. We’d love to see you at our events, so come along and share the fun we can guarantee you a great night out! Everyone receives a warm welcome, and our events listings are regularly updated on the SACCO website, so check us out at sacco.org.uk

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this issue of Kaleidoscopewe’ve got feature articles on politics, culture, travel, and sport, and an exclusive interview with our talented committee member and author Edozie Ameke.

Kardar Challenger, SACCO Chair