The Good Parenting Diary: Me & Mine

Good Parenting
The Good Parenting Diary: Me & Mine
Afy on why we don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy quality time with the kids.

Had a nice time with my princess last week. It was very sunny and I thought to have a walk by the Thames with my sweetie pie. You see, sometimes we plan our mum and daughter outings, but this time around, it was impromptu. I felt like it and took action.
I sent her a message to meet me at the town centre after school, and we went off to do our thing. You may want to ask, where did we pitch our tent? An ice cream place maybe? I gave her two options of places we could go, and she picked her choice of Valarie’s. Giving them an option is giving them a voice, which implies that you value their opinion.

What did we do there? We messed about, no serious talk, we just laughed. And laughed. And yes, that was it. And it ended with ‘THANK YOU MUM.’

There are a few things we can take away from this as parents. First, we don’t need to break the balance to have a good time with the kids. Don't get it twisted: 'FUN' does not mean ‘EXPENSIVE.’ Guess how much we spent?...... Just under £6. 

Second, you don’t always have to plan it. Be led, be bold, do it as often as you can and enjoy yourself. 

Third, there is always a first time. Being spontaneous is just that. Don’t think too much about what you will do or say, especially if this is new to you. Just go with the flow. I hear some people say, this is not my cup of tea, but dear mum, dear dad, be bold and courageous. 

Forth, it does not have to be for hours, it could be as little as 15 minutes. A little here, a little there adds up. It goes into their memory bank. You don’t always have to push for a serious chat, it’s ok to be unserious, just flow. Don’t be predictable – let it not be that your outing is always for a serious talk. Though ‘serious talk’ is sometimes needed remember that it is more of a bonding time and about listening rather than rebuking. Let it be a time of enjoyment, else it’s another home in public and before you know it, you’ve lost him/her again. Then, your child is not interested in your outing anymore, that would be sad. Please, don’t do that.

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself ‘what do I want to achieve?  Physical bonding, emotional bonding, Intellectual bonding all add up to create a healthy relationship. For children, research shows that time spent together is spelt as L.O.V.E. It may not always be convenient, but it is a sacrifice worth investing in.