The SACCO Independence and Emancipation Dance 2018

Independence Dance
The SACCO Independence and Emancipation Dance 2018
Veronica Fritzon reports

On the weekend of the 10th August 2018, guests dressed up in all of their colourful finery entered into the party spirit at 139 Brighton Road, where the SACCO Independence Party was in full swing. 

What a night it was! Caribbean, African, and British guests aged 30 to 80 all joined in the fun. Many were remembering that August is traditionally the month when many of the former British Caribbean islands gained independence from colonial rule, including Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados in the 1960s. The 1833 Abolition Act ending slavery also came into effect on 1st August 1834. On many Caribbean islands Emancipation Day is a public holiday, with celebrations and commemorations varying from place to place.     

In our little corner of Sutton SACCO socialites hit the dance floor to move along to the reggae, soul and classic Motown rhythms provided by the mighty DJ Scoobie. Not even physical ailments like arthritis and bad backs deterred our guests; walking sticks were discarded and we saw plenty of action on the dance floor – pure artistry in motion! 

 Curried goat, mutton, fried Escovitch fish, vegetable curry, joloff rice and green salad were just a few of the traditional Caribbean and African dishes on the menu, followed by Banoffee pie and Vera’s fabulous rum punch. Surprise Mystery Guest Zara moved everyone with her extraordinary performance poetry, earning for herself a standing ovation, while our raffle included the usual star and booby prizes, with over £100 raised for the SACCO Kitty.

A huge thank-you to everyone who came along to this fund-raising event.