Meditation Exercise: A Poem

Meditation Exercise: A Poem
A Poem by Noel Oguntokun

Close your eyes. 
Breathe slowly and focus. 
Surrender yourself to everything around you. 
Now walk to a park. 
Go to a sandbox. 
You see a child, playing in the sand alone, battered and bruised. 
You look around for family, friends, someone, something. 
Nothing. Not a person in sight. 
The sun is shining high in the sky. 
Reflecting off the child's face. 
It's hot, but you feel no heat. 
You find out adults and kids have been throwing sticks and stones at the kid. 
Then hiding behind trees and fences. 
Then doing it again. And again. 
The same process repeating itself. 
For what seems like infinity. 
The kid has blood and scratches all over its face and body. 
It's still playing by itself. 
Looking up at you sometimes. 
But you do nothing but stare. 
So the child continues. 
The child is the same colour and gender as you. 
In fact. You come to find out. 
The child is you.